Le Creu-What?

I always hear my friends, especially those who are engaged and married, rave about this French made ovenware, and how they are such a staple in any kitchen. So while registering online at Williams Sonoma, naturally, I added the 12 piece Le Creuset stoneware set to the list. Little did I know that I’d fall in love.

Last week, I arrived home to a huge box in my condo lobby. You can always tell who is engaged in our building by the packages in the lobby. Within 10 minutes, my fiance Eric found me surrounded by pots and pans in our kitchen, literally reorganizing our entire kitchen to make room for our newest additions- our Le Creusets. So, after a week of admiring the new, flawless cookware that have now found their perfect home, and raving about the inspiration for my new blog, I figured I’d better put the new gear to use.

I’m now off to a friend’s apartment to watch the season finale of The Bachelor tonight (go ahead, judge me), and I offered to bring dessert. I found a recipe to make Chocolate S’more Pies that I thought would be delicious, and also look adorable in the mini-cocettes that came in the 12 piece set. Who said anything about a wedding diet? Enjoy! (I know I will!)


Le Creuset mini-cocettes



Love the red color- matches my kitchen walls Image



Love the oven-to-table aspect of these- makes cooking and baking so easy!

If you are interested in buying your own set, Williams and Sonoma has a great deal right now on the 12 piece set that I received as a gift (in tons of great colors too). Click here to check it out.

I plan on cooking more recipes in these little beauties using the Le Creuset Mini Cocette Cookbook, which can be purchased here

For the above Chocolate S’More Pie dessert, I used the recipe from Chew Nibble Nosh http://www.chewnibblenosh.com (however, I obviously didn’t make it like a pie, and I used graham cracker crumbs from a box, and mixed it with butter. Also, I just poured the mixture into the 4 cocettes, rather than one big pie!) Here it is: